Rock Bottom is a Beautiful Place is a movement.  A book series that walks you through triumph and overcoming life obstacles. 

The first book takes you on a journey of victory over tragedy, life after near death and many more stories of women who hit rock bottom.   28 brave women share their story.

The second book takes you deep into lives of women who realized their rock bottom was a place to be lifted and truly live their calling.  11 stories of women embracing their God-given purpose.

Our 3rd book came out on August 10th and we had 3,255 people download it for FREE during our 3 day FREE promotion. We also became Amazon Best Sellers in hitting #1 in both the Social Sciences Category and the Spiritual Growth category.   Rock Bottom is a Beautiful Place:  Living with a Grateful Heart!  You can purchase a paperback copy from one of us.  25 women living in gratitude.  Go here to grab your copy on Amazon!   

I hit rock bottom in June of 2013. Or one of my rock bottoms. Rock bottom led me to freedom. That freedom led to miracles and promises coming true.  In the midst of the healing, I heard distinctly from God that I was to share my experience. You better believe that I have been scared to death about doing so. But I want to honor Him. I am doing what He told me to do.

Rock Bottom is a collaborative book series written by Christian sisters uniting to share their stories of triumph through personal struggles with the power of faith and God. Everyone has a story. Everyone has the same universal challenge of sharing their story. No one wants to read about people who play it safe—they want to read about people who are raw and authentic storytellers.  They want to read about people who do not become victims of a life occurrence, but are instead victors.

These books share the raw truth about women overcoming. We know that you want to know HOW we got through the trying time. We know you want to know WHAT we did to leap over the hurdles. We know you want to hear our VOICE with the shakiness that arises when telling our story. And the best part, the story is not over… I am here to tell you, it’s okay to share. It is okay to be vulnerable. It is okay to release what you have been holding in. Find out more about my story here!  See it here.

We invite you to come on this journey with us.  Read the book. Share the book. Join us on our fan page. . Together, we can share our stories and walk as one with God.  In His Grace. This is the perfect time to share your personal declaration, your story of triumph, overcoming obstacles, defying odds, and the power of healing from the inside out. We want to hear from you about how God has used your rock bottom experience to help you live more fully, share hope with others, change your family, etc.

Join our tribe of Rockers who know that Rock Bottom Rocks!

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Diane also works privately with a select group of women and men in her Be Brave Today coaching experience or private consulting.   Many people want to create and write their own book.   Find out more about her coaching here: