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We hit Amazon Best Seller Status during our 3 day Book Launch and now you can grab your copy on Kindle or in Paperback.  Do you want an autographed copy? Keep reading.  Do you want me to come and speak to your group?  I would love to.  Email me at to discuss dates and details.  

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As I look over each woman’s Rock Bottom stories, I am in awe of the power and love of God. There is nothing too hard for Him. No valley so low that He cannot bring us out of it . . . No place so dark that He cannot bring light. Our Rock Bottoms are different, but they all end in our victory! 

~ Marsha

BOOK #1 and #2 are also BOTH AVAILABLE!

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Rock Bottom is a Beautiful Place is a book of triumph.

28 stories.

Victory over tragedy.   Life after near death.

I hit rock bottom in June of 2013. Or, one of my rock bottoms. 


RockBottom_2_Cover_printRock bottom led me to freedom.  That freedom led to miracles, promises coming true.  In the midst of the healing, I heard distinctly from God that I was to share my experience.   You better believe that I have been scared to death about doing so. But I want to honor Him.  I am doing what He told me to do.

Rock Bottom is a collaborative book written by Christian sisters uniting to share their stories of triumph through personal struggles with the power of faith and God.

Rock BottomEveryone has a story.  Everyone has the same universal challenge of sharing their story.  No one wants to read about people who play it safe, they want to read about people who are raw and authentic story tellers.  They want to read about people who do not become victims of a life occurrence, but are instead victors.

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